Pair of Coil Spring Compressor Heavy Duty Suspension Clamps 370mm Tool 23-39

Material: steel (heat treated tempered with drop forged steel hooks ) Function: help remove coil springs in limited space under the wheel arch, repair/replace shock absorbers, struts and springs Application: compressing coil springs quickly and for shock absorbers spring sets and bench struts on cars and vans Use method:First, remove the support rod from the vehicle, rotate the hook on the compressor to the correct distance along the thread of the bolt, and then evenly install the 2 compressors on opposite sides of the spring to be compressed. Then just tighten the bolts to reduce the distance between the hooks. To be safe, alternate between each compressor to keep the pressure on both sides of the spring equal. Color: Black Size: 370mm (37cm)


Heat treating forged jaws & lead screws screws Compressing Strut Coil Springs Removing or Installing Springs High performance aftermarket products made in our own factory with more than 10 years' experience Designed for comfortable use and best quality For high security, longevity and original quality Easy installation, bring maximum ride comfort Replacement of the original item (safety, accuracy, service life and quality) High-quality material for high durability and long service life Condition: 100% Brand New Warranty: 2 Years

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