24Pcs Icing Piping Cake Cupcake Decorating Bag & Nozzle Set Sugarcraft Cup

This is for a High Quality 24 Piece Icing PIPING Nozzle Set. Altogether there are 24 different Nozzles and all of the Nozzles are made from Stainless Steel. They're perfect for creating beautiful designs and they're ideal for Birthday, Anniversary and Wedding Cake Creations!.


Create your own beautiful cakes and cookies with this set of 24 icing Piping nozzles. Let your imagination run wild with this icing nozzles to decorate your cakes and cookies. 24 Stainless steel nozzles (dishwasher safe) Create swirls, rosettes, flowers, roping, stars, leaves and other designs with this 24 icing nozzles. This is the FULL set, you do not need to buy anything else (except the icing bags) Nozzles vary in size but are approximately 1.8cm (Height) x 3.3cm (Circumference).

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