Stainless Steel Double Towel Rail Holder Wall Mounted

100% Brand New High Quality stylish design. This Is Our Wall Mounted Towel Rack, Which Is Ideal To Store And Dry Your Towels, Meanwhile To Add A Modern Feeling To Your Bathroom. It contains shelf and towel bar which has enough space for placing bath essentials and it is also space-saving. Practical bathroom and washroom product which helps to free up table and counter-top space perfectly. Easy To Clean And Maintain Just Wipe With Soft Wet Cloth. Hang your towels and wash cloths with this elegant towel rail. Made of high quality material adopting new technology to ensure comfortable using experience and improved performance. Well-polished surface, no sharp edges, smooth and handy, easy to use.




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[{"Prdid":847,"Discount":0,"Data":" <div class=\"ets-pro\"> <h1>Product Specifications</h1> <div class=\"clearfix\"> <ul> <li><span class=\"glyphicon glyphicon-play\"></span> <strong>Color</strong>&nbsp; Silver</li> <li><span class=\"glyphicon glyphicon-play\"></span> <strong>Material</strong>&nbsp; Stainless Steel</li> <li><span class=\"glyphicon glyphicon-play\"></span> <strong>Weight</strong>&nbsp; 1.33 Kg</li> <li><span class=\"glyphicon glyphicon-play\"></span> <strong>Size</strong>&nbsp; 60x22.5x16CM (L X W X H)</li> </ul> </div> </div><br/><br/><div style=\"clear: both; text-align: center\"><br/>Wholesale is available ! Please <a href=\"/Home/Contact\">contact</a> us!<br/> <br/></div> ","Lst":[]}]

Wholesale is available ! Please contact us!